Volunteering @ The DI

You make it possible to serve meals, run programs, operate our facilities, and care for vulnerable clients.

Sponsor a Meal

DI Lunch Service VolunteersA wonderful way to support the DI Community is through meal sponsorship. Our goal is to have a sponsor for every meal we serve. The sponsoring individual or group may also come to the centre and serve the meal to our clients. This is a powerful experience for a family, church, corporation or community group.

It is a great option for team building, while providing a huge benefit to our clients and staff.



Number of Volunteers Needed Volunteers are not required to prepare the meal however we invite you or your group to come serve the meal you have sponsored. 2-30+ volunteers
Volunteer times If you choose to serve the meal please be here 20-25 minutes prior to the start of the meal.

  • Breakfast is served at 7am (Arrive at 6:40am)
  • Lunch is served at 12pm (Arrive at 11:40am)
  • Dinner is served at 6pm (Arrive at 5:40pm)

Groups generally Finish 30-60 minutes after the start of the meal.

Description The group / individual choose a meal, from the “Meal Sponsorship Program” menu and notifies the Volunteer Coordinator to schedule a date. From there you are invited to help with the meal service on your specific date.The group / individual will be acknowledged for their sponsorship at the time of service.
Duties and Responsibilities Upon booking a sponsored meal the coordinator will provide a confirmation package with information, an invoice and parking instructions.(This can be done though email, fax or mail)
Locations This activity takes place on the second floor of the DI.
Training and Supervision For more information on serving please refer to the Meal Service Activity sheet.

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