Client Volunteer Program

All clients of The DI are encouraged to participate in volunteering activities that contribute to the maintenance, operations and enhancement of our facilities and programs.

Volunteering is structured as an opportunity for connection, creating a sense of belonging, and building self-esteem. Client volunteers, under the supervision of the Internal Volunteer Coordinator, participate in structured projects both within The DI and in the surrounding community.

Volunteer activities are diverse and range from maintenance and construction projects, to kitchen preparation, clothing sorting, furniture moves for tenants in our affordable housing units, hospital visits to fellow clients, and community cleanups in and around the East Village. Volunteering provides critical experience and skills that assist with future employment and provides a rehabilitative opportunity for all clients. Client volunteer contributions are a valued and essential contribution to The DI and our work.

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For All Inquiries Contact Jorge Campusano:

Email at or Phone 403-699-8200 (ext. 2801)