kids_presentsSome of you may have noticed some increased activity at our Centre 4800 building in recent days.  We’re sorry to say no, our development permit has not yet been approved.  And no – the people on site are not maintenance or construction workers, nor staff or clients.  In fact, it’s something so much better.

Christmas is a time for giving, selflessness, and goodwill toward all.  So for a few days this holiday season, The DI has offered two of its closest charitable partners, Heartland Agencies and Evenstart Foundation, this vacant building to store Christmas gifts, hampers, and living essentials for 159 needy Calgary families during this difficult time of year.

With so many families unable to make ends meet this Christmas, these wonderful partners came to us for help with a place to store and prepare these much needed items destined for impoverished, disadvantaged and special needs children and their parents.  We are more than happy to help these amazing organizations.  For years, The DI has offered its assistance to hundreds of charitable organizations in need, and the Calgarians they serve. In everything we do, The DI promotes kindness, respect, and togetherness.

dsc_0752xShould you wish to provide support or encouragement to the fine people at any of the vital partner agencies involved, please visit their website, or email us for more information:

We’re sharing our space. Help share this story so these wonderful people can help many deserving families enjoy kindness, wonder and good tidings the season brings.

More infomaster03_image001-600-logormation about the Evenstart Foundation can be found here.

To donate to The Calgary Dr200pxop-In Centre this holiday season, click here.