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Our Philosophy:

To compassionately be ‘the voice’ for the marginalized, disenfranchised and homeless population of our city. Regardless of the circumstances leading to their current situation, to be of service, without judgment, and to fairly and appropriately provide programs and support that assists each individual in their efforts to move forward with their lives.


Our Mission:

To prevent homelessness where possible, offer care and shelter when needed, and provide opportunities for people to rehabilitate and rebuild their lives.


Our Vision:

The needs of people who are homeless or at risk are met in a respectful, comprehensive and safe way.

Live at the Calgary Drop-In and Rehab Centre

Victims: They Deserve to be Heard – Albert’s Story

Homelessness is a difficult reality. It is taxing physically, mentally and emotionally. The scars it leaves will often last a lifetime; even for those who are able to escape its grasp. Too often, men and women living on the margins find themselves the victims of...